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Con Doodles, Autografias, and miscellaneous bought books. Part 2

continued from: Con Doodles, Autografias, and miscellaneous bought books. Part 1

  • Here’s something pretty cool, that took me some time to think it was pretty cool once the buyer’s remorse wore off. Long story short: I owned a rubber hulk toy like this when I was a kid. I lost it. Begged my mom to go back to the spot I lost it. We couldn’t find it, lost forever. Years later, while living in NY, my ex gf’s boss found this Hulk toy at the NYCC. I flipped out with excitedness and joy, and she gave it to me as a gift. I’m not saying this is THE ONE I lost, but I dunnocould be. 
  • Here’s the back. I saw Lou Ferrigno. Star of the 70s hit tv show, The Incredible Hulk. He charges a lot just to get your pic taken with him and to sign stuff. I should’ve backed out. but I was already there holding the thing in front of him. He charged me as much as he would to sign a picture (which is pricey- for me). I guess I was secretly hoping that a rubber toy would be significantly cheaper to get signed. Not much was said, as he’s sort of hard of hearing and I was being awkward. He signed it, I paid, and he gave me a promotional postcard for a new film he’s in. Ok, it’s sort of cool to have the toy signed. It’s not all that bad after all. I just thought I learned my lesson after Monsterpalooza and paying for autographs. It’s enough to make you wanna HULK out.
  • Another mildly disappointing meeting. Jhonen V seemed cool and was geeking out about a little girl doing a Gir impression before I got up to him. And before that a goth girl was fawning all over him… but whatevs. I thought, “ok, dude seems friendly enough. I should also give him a mini comic.” Nope. We both said hi, I gave him my book, he signed it, I said thanks, and we said goodbye. that’s pretty much… that. I decided to NOT give him a copy of Wee Straw-Beary
  • Meeting Keith Knight of K Chronicles totally made up for the disappointment of the previous 2! For sure! He was bad ass, his work is bad ass and inspiring, and we chatted for a solid couple of minutes. He gave good advice about what it was like when he was starting out and gave a recommendation for a great DIY doc.
  • Rad doodle he did for me in his huge book!
  • He was so supportive of me and Wee Straw-Beary that he traded me 2 awesome bumper stickers for it! This one was funny and so true.
  • I was a Teenage Michael Jackson Impersonator. Love it. Thanks Keith!
  • I brought along my copy of Dramatis Personae by my friend Daniel Levitch to sign.
  • He drew me a great Hellboy in his style!
  • Daniel was at comic-con hawking his "Steampunk Meets Star Wars" Trilogy of shorts, Swine. I did the art for the DVD cover boxes and that b/w poster print in the bg! Help Swine become a feature film! Here’s HOW.

Yea sure, there were some bummer moments from SDCC- but that’s always expected. I didn’t get to run into people I wanted to meet up with, meeting some people was deflating, all the walking and chaffing, and even showing my work to a few publishers was disheartening. I was told that I was almost on the cusp, nay, the doorstep to almost being published. Which was, I admit, a bit brutal to hear.

But you know what?

there’s NO right or wrong way to make comics. You don’t have to wait, sitting there at the doorstep, looking into the windows of comics publishers anymore.

Fuck that, I say!

Self publish!Self publish!Self publish!

Damn that publisher for making me feel slightly bad. I’m gonna publish things and stories how I wanna publish them. I want to publish the things that i want to see.

Ok, end of rant.


Welcome SDCC 2012!

Wee Straw-Beary SDCC Debut!

Con Doodles, Autografias, and miscellaneous bought books. Part 1