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Con Doodles, Autografias, and miscellaneous bought books. Part 4

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  • It’s Science w/ Doctor Radium! Had this in comic book form as a kid. Thought it would be nice to get reacquainted w/ it again. Science!
  • Finally bought Superfuckers from James Kochalka! Great stuff, and soon to be a web series from Frederator studios
  • James and I have been emailing back and forth. I guess he likes my emails?
  • I’ve had my copy of Quit Your Job since forever.
  • James doodled in it for me.
  • That rocket was already there, and James just doodled around it and put my name on it! I would make a beautiful space rocket sandwich. Thanks James!
  • BBC’s Doctor Who booth was handing these foam Dalek hats out like mad! So i scooped one up and teleported outta there.
  • I was handed this Zatoichi soundtrack cd, and was pleasantly surprised it didn’t suck ass. I love me some samurais. Maybe I should pick up Samurai Nanny again? It’s a sign! 
  • awesome steampunk fly thing.
  • WildBrain’s Hello Maggot! cute and creepy, just my style.


Welcome SDCC 2012!

My Exclusive SDCC 2012 Mini comic Wee Straw-Beary debut!